Used Kia Sorento in Tampa, FL

Side profile of the 2017 Kia Sorento parked on an overlook looking out over a city

SUVs have started to gain popularity in the last few years, so it is no wonder that drivers who are searching for a new vehicle are automatically drawn to the high-performance, high-capacity models that provide everything that someone would need from a vehicle. When looking for a new vehicle, many drivers want to make sure that they have a model that provides them with plenty of options. While there are a lot of new SUVs that have a plethora of options, it is generally a better idea for drivers to take a look at a pre-owned model like a Used Kia Sorento in Tampa, FL. If you're looking at a Kia Sorento, considering a used model can provide you with all of the features that you want while remaining cognizant of your budget.

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  • Side quarter profile of the 2017 Kia Sorento in front a a building at night

Why buy a used Kia Sorento?

SUVs are well-known for being extremely capable when faced with extreme road conditions. No matter which model year you choose, the Kia Sorento provides available All-Wheel Drive on almost all trim levels, making it easy to find the vehicle that is configured the way that you want it to be while still having the budget and performance options you need. In addition to the available AWD, the Kia Sorento has a variety of engine options that stretch from model year to model year, providing performance that will fit all of your needs. There are multiple four-cylinder models for drivers who are looking for better fuel economy, and high-powered V6 options for those who want high-powered, performance-driven options. Regardless of which trim level, engine option, or model year you choose, a used Kia Sorento gives drivers the option to tow anywhere from 1,650 to 5,000 pounds when properly equipped.

Another thing that most people look for from their SUV is interior capacity. In the Kia Sorento, that is where you'll find many of your options. A big draw to models like the 2011 Kia Sorento is the variance in vehicle size. On some trim levels, the Kia Sorento provides drivers with seating for up to five people, while other models add an additional third row that opens the capacity to seven passengers. Older models provide a standard five-seat model, with 106 cubic feet of passenger volume, and 31.7 cubic feet of maximum cargo volume. In the newer models, your total passenger volume remains the same no matter how many people there are in the vehicle, with 140 cubic feet in the 2011 models. There are some variances in the cargo space, but you will end up with 72.5 cubic feet overall no matter what. Drivers who are interested in exploring the interior capacity and performance options on a Used Kia Sorento can visit one of the five locations of OkCarz, in Lakeland, Brandon, St. Petersburg, Orlando, and Tampa, FL. At the dealership, drivers are able to view a variety of used Kia Sorento models and learn more about their financing options.

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