Best Practices & Tips for Safe Driving

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Tips for Driving Defensively

One of the first things that drivers should learn is the importance of driving defensively. Defensive driving is a series of strategies and practices that drivers can use to minimize the various risks and dangers that come with operating a vehicle. Looking for tips for driving defensively? Below, we’ve put together all the best practices and strategies that drivers should know.

The most important strategy for defensive driving is that drivers must commit their full attention to the safe operation of their vehicle. This means that distractions (like personal devices) should be completely put aside while driving. Similarly, if a passenger in the vehicle is causing a distraction, it’s important to request them to stop so that you can focus on the road.

Defensive driving means that drivers should be prepared for any hazard that could occur on the road. Never assume that other drivers will operate their vehicle perfectly, and that the possibility of others making mistakes is always present. When possible, always maintain a large amount of distance between your vehicle and others on the road to mitigate the risk of a collision.

Other Tips for Effective & Safe Defensive Driving

  • Take advantage of (but don’t completely rely on) driver assistance features
  • Respect and obey posted speed limits
  • Always signal before changing lanes
  • Yield the right of way if in doubt

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