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Sunroof vs Moonroof Comparison

As you browse recent models, you’ve probably come across something interesting. Some vehicles offer a sunroof while others offer a moonroof. They sound about the same – an open panel in the roof of the vehicle to let light or air inside. However, did you know that there’s actually a difference between a sunroof and a moonroof? Continue reading to learn just how different these two similar features really are.

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How is a Sunroof Different from a Moonroof?

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While both the sunroof and the moonroof are very similar, it’s important to not confuse the two when deciding on a vehicle that offers one instead of the other. Ultimately, it depends on what materials were used to make the feature as well as how it opens.

A sunroof is a panel that matches the body of the vehicle and is not transparent. The sunroof can be removed or tilted open to allow air and light inside. For some models, the panel may retract into or above the roof.

Rather than a metal panel, the moonroof is made of glass. This feature cannot be removed from the vehicle but can slide or tilt open for fresh air and light. Inside the cabin, moonroofs will typically have an interior sliding panel that matches your car’s interior color. This allows passengers to block light as desired as nothing will cover the glass from the outside. The moonroof is also the more common feature as modern models tend to over it over the less popular sunroof.

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Whether you favor one feature over the other, our team at OKCarz will help you find the right vehicle at a price you can afford. Contact us online to connect with a team member and we will be happy to help you in your search.

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