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Can you throw fruit peels out of the window?

Nobody likes having a messy car. When you’re on the road, eating a snack, there is generally not a place for you to deposit the trash. While there are some things that you can save and throw out when you get to your destination, snacks like fruit leave you with a peel or core that you cannot just leave in your car. For many, the best way to dispose of a fruit peel is to just toss it out of the window, though the legality of this is often called into question. 

Many people think that throwing out organic material like fruit peels are not harmful to the environment since they are decomposable. However, there are some reasons why even the disposing of decomposable materials out of the window, while you’re driving, can be considered littering.

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Why shouldn’t you litter?

Empty road in the country with mountains and clear sidesWhile most people think of littering as throwing trash and plastics out along the side of the road, officially anything that you leave on the side of the road can be considered litter no matter if it is decomposable or not. Littering not only is bad for the environment, but it is also an eyesore.

One of the other issues with throwing food out of the window is that it can draw animals to the side of the road that would otherwise be far from the road. This can cause accidents as animals venture out on to the road in search of food and drivers try to avoid them. In addition to the potential for accidents, it is dangerous for animals to be brought into the open in search of food.

Though you may have trouble keeping your vehicle clean while you’re driving, there are plenty of tips and tricks that you can find on the OkCarz blog that can help you keep your vehicle organized. There is also information on all of the used models available at the any of the five locations of the dealership.

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