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Why Do Modern Cars Have ABS?

Whether you’ve been driving for the past four decades or just for the past year, chances are you drive a vehicle equipped with an Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS). This system is required under law to be included standard on all modern cars in the U.S. as of September of 2013. So, what does ABS do? How does the Anti-Lock Braking System work? Let’s take a glimpse at the wonders this system provides for our safety.

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What is the Purpose of ABS?

Contrary to popular belief, ABS isn’t designed to help make the vehicle stop quicker. In fact, the true purpose of ABS is to help the driver maintain control during heavy braking situations. Without ABS, if a driver were to slam the brakes, the wheels may “lock up”, or stop turning. If a car has ABS, ABS will detect if a wheel is about to lock and will release the brakes for just a moment. It will do this repeatedly until the driver is no longer braking or the vehicle comes to a stop.

Now, let’s give an example to show just how useful ABS really is. Let’s say you are following another vehicle on the highway. The vehicle in front decides to slam its brakes, thus forcing you to slam on yours. Let’s assume that you didn’t brake quick enough and you attempt to swerve away from the car in front of you. With ABS, you will be able to turn your car away, potentially avoiding a collision or reducing the severity. If your vehicle didn’t have ABS, your car will continue to skid forward, even if you try to take evasive maneuvers.

Find an Affordable Car with ABS at OKCarz

Of course, not every vehicle is equipped with ABS. Older cars may not have this feature while newer ones will. You can find an affordable car with ABS here at OKCarz. Interested in one of our vehicles? To find out if that car comes with this safety mechanism, contact us and we will provide the full list of features.

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