How to Replace a Headlight Bulb in a Car

Replacing Headlight

Steps to Change a Halogen Bulb in a Vehicle

Like the lightbulbs in your home, the bulbs inside your vehicle will go out eventually. Whether it be from old age or extreme temperatures, these small pieces of glass will need to get replaced occasionally. Luckily, the bulbs themselves are pretty cheap and replacing them is relatively easy. Learn how to replace a headlight bulb in a car right at home here at OKCarz.

How to Safely Change a Headlight

  • Find gloves to wear. Oil staining is one of the main causes of premature burn out. Even one fingerprint on the glass of your bulb can cause it to burn out quickly. Avoid this by changing your bulb while wearing latex or vinyl gloves.
  • Determine which headlight bulb you need. Your owner’s manual will tell you which kind of bulb your vehicle requires. It will also aid you in how to replace the bulb for your specific vehicle.
  • Turn off your vehicle. It’s for your safety.
  • Pop the hood and locate the headlight holder. It will be near the front of your car.
  • Disconnect the power wires Usually, there will be three of them to disconnect. These are often held by a plastic catch, metal clip, or a screw cap.
  • Remove the old bulb. In many vehicles, the back of the headlight holder can be removed, revealing the bulb. You may have to turn the bulb to free it from its socket.
  • Replace with a new bulb. Remember to wear your gloves before handling the new bulb. It’s also a good idea to give it a cleaning before installation with and alcohol wipe. Place the bulb into the base and put the headlight holder back where you found it. Replace the wires that you took apart earlier.
  • Test the bulb. Turn on your headlights to ensure that your new bulb is working properly. If it doesn’t work, double check your work and make sure you used the correct bulb. You may also have a wiring or fuse issue if everything seems correct. If you need help in determining what is wrong, seek help from a local mechanic.

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