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What style of vehicle is right for your family?

Over the generations that automobiles have been around, the quintessential family car has changed and evolved. From the old boat-like sedans to the multi-purpose station wagon and mini-vans, there have been a variety of ways for your family to get around. Drivers who are in the market for a used vehicle for their family will have a lot of different styles and options to choose from.

When you’re looking at a vehicle for your family, one of the most important factors to consider is the size. While you may want to get a sporty coupe 2-seater, it isn’t going to be practical. Most people who are buying a car for their family will want a vehicle that seats at least five people or more, depending on the size of your brood. You’ll also probably want a vehicle that is able to remain accommodating as your younger family members age.


The sedan was the original family car. While they used to be much bigger, newer sedan models are still more than able to comfortably accommodate up to five people. While bench-style back seat might not always be the best fit for those with very young children, as there isn’t much for separation, many sedans, like the Toyota Camry, have the longevity that will help it last until you are empty nesters.

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Though a sedan is perfect for smaller families, those who are looking for expanded passenger space and plenty of room for any cargo that you might need to carry will want to consider an SUV or a crossover. There are a variety of cabin options, ranging from two-row models with a five-person capacity to the three-row behemoths that can fit anywhere from seven to nine people. From the Nissan Rogue to the Toyota Highlander, you’ll have plenty of options to consider.


Like the SUV, a van, whether mini or full size, provides drivers with plenty of space, along with lots of features that help keep kids entertained. While there are those who might think that a mini-van isn’t cool, what’s better than the ability to load and unload passengers and cargo through easy-access doors? Most vans also have seats that fold down, providing a configurable interior that allows you to change around your cabin to fit your needs.

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When you’re looking for a family car, you’ll probably want to find something that is reasonably priced, which often means you’ll want to look for a used car. Visit OkCarz at one of the five Florida locations to view the inventory and learn more about your financing options that can make affording a car even easier.

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