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BMW X3 parked showing front and side profile

BMW X3 Versatility and Capability 

Shopping for the ideal crossover can be a tricky task, even for the savvy and knowledgeable shopper. If you want to buy a used luxury crossover SUV that has everything you’re looking for in a vehicle, including versatility and capability, the BMW X3 is a perfect choice. The interior of the BMW X3 provides excellent versatility thanks to its two rows of spacious seating that gives you plenty of room for five passengers. When folding down the second-row seats, you’ll find an impressive amount of cargo space to utilize for when you need to haul large items. Keep reading to learn more about the impressive versatility and capability of the BMW X3 luxury crossover SUV, including its passenger and cargo space, and available all-wheel-drive system. 

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BMW X3 Passenger and Cargo Space 

BMW X3 rear seat folded down

The key to finding a crossover SUV that fits your specific needs the best is to find out which one can offer you the qualities you’re looking for. If you want to get behind the wheel of a used luxury crossover SUV that can deliver the versatility and capability you desire, the BMW X3 is an excellent choice. Helping to make the BMW X3 a top pick for a luxury crossover is its impressive amount of passenger and cargo space. The BMW X3 offers seating space for up to five passengers while also giving you a large rear cargo area that has plenty of room for hauling things. 

BMW X3 All-Wheel-Drive 

Giving the BMW X3 the capability that it is so well-known for is an innovative all-wheel-drive system that delivers increased performance and excellent traction control on slick road surfaces and off-road trails.

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