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Chevy Cruze Fuel Economy Rating 

There are many compact cars that promise to deliver the fuel efficiency you want and need to save money on gasoline, but very few of them can even come close to what the Chevy Cruze can offer you. The outstanding fuel economy rating of a Chevy Cruze comes from your choice of two incredibly innovative engine options. Whether you’re looking for excellent performance on the road or outstanding fuel efficiency, the Chevy Cruze can give it to you. The following information will show you the fuel economy rating of each engine option available in used Chevy Cruze models so you can choose the one that is right for you. 

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Chevy Cruze MPG Rating and Engine Specs 

Helping to the give a used Chevy Cruze its impressive fuel economy rating are multiple engine options. With different engines to choose from, you’ll be able to get the horsepower, torque, and fuel economy rating that meet your specific needs for performance and efficiency. In more recent used Chevy Cruze models you’ll find two available engine options to choose from. Below you’ll find each of their specifications and MPG ratings.

1.4-liter ECOTEC® DOHC Turbocharged 4-Cylinder – This powerful yet fuel-efficient engine can deliver an incredible 153 horsepower and 177 lb-ft of torque to the front wheels through your choice of either a 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic transmission 

Fuel Economy Rating = 29 City/40 Highway MPG

1.6-liter ECOTEC® DOHC Turbo-Diesel 4-Cylinder – This is the most fuel-efficient engine available in a Chevy Cruze. It can crank out an impressive 137 horsepower and a whopping 240 lb-ft of torque to the front wheels. A manual or an automatic transmission are you two options, and both send all that power and torque to a front-wheel-drive system. 

Fuel Economy Rating = 30 City/52 Highway MPG

Chevy Cruze driving on a highway

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