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Man and a woman driving on a motorcycle wearing helmets

What to do when you’re driving beside a motorcycle 

During spring and summer, it is likely that you’ll start to notice more drivers with two wheels on the road. With nice weather comes the motorcyclists, and that can lead to many drivers not knowing what they should do when riding next to a motorcycle. While driving next to a motorcycle, drivers need to stay aware of the smaller vehicles that might be beside them. Following these tips can help you drive safely next to motorcycles.  

Check your blind spots 

While checking your blind spot should be a quick check, you need to be aware of the fact that there might be a vehicle that you can’t see there. Since motorcycles are much smaller than even the most compact vehicle, it can be hard for drivers to see them when switching lanes. Be sure that you thoroughly check your blind spot before changing lanes or merging, so you don’t accidentally move into a spot occupied by a motorcyclist.

Give them plenty of space 

You’re sharing the road with a lot of different people, and motorcycle riders are no exception. When you’re driving, be sure to stay far enough behind a motorcyclist so that you have enough time to react should something quickly change. You also need to respect that a motorcycle, though small, is entitled to its own lane, meaning that you shouldn’t make moves to try and share a lane being occupied by a motorcycle.   

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Person wearing the appropriate gear riding on a motorcycle on the open roadHow to share the road with motorcycles 

When going out on a bike, it is important that motorcyclists do everything that they can to keep themselves safe, like wearing a helmet and other protective gear, as well as remaining observant of the vehicles around them. Drivers also must take care to help keep motorcyclists safe on the road by paying attention. While it can be difficult to be on your A-Game the entire time you’re driving, there are plenty of safety systems that can help you identify dangerous situations, even when you’re driving a used vehicle. Drivers can learn more about vehicular safety and find tips and tricks for driving on the OkCarz blog 

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