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Ways to Earn Cash While Staying at Home

After our communities went into quarantine to slow the spread of Coronavirus, many workers whose jobs were deemed ‘nonessential’ suddenly find themselves out of work. Thankfully, there is still hope for anyone that needs to earn some cash while staying at home. Here are a few ways you can make money while in quarantine.

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Selling Crafts and Unwanted Items

Need to clean out that closet? With our stay at home order now in place, you likely have more time than normal. Clean out your room and separate items based on whether you’d like to keep them or not. Go through your pile of items you’d like to get rid of and consider selling anything in good condition or valuable on websites like eBay. Like to make crafts? If you haven’t already, consider picking up art as a hobby! Like what you make? Share your crafts with others by selling your creations.

Deliver Food

With nearly everyone stuck at home, many people want to get food delivered to them rather than risk the stores. Thus, delivery drivers are in high demand. If you need money to pay off your bills to avoid falling behind, consider applying to be a delivery person for one of your local restaurants, fast food or locally-owned. This will surely help keep you busy and your earnings from tips can build up fast.

Tutor or Teach Online

If you are a teacher that has been laid off from the Coronavirus, there are still ways to share your passion for learning by tutoring or teaching online. Tutoring sites like Chegg are options for you to help students across the U.S. understand difficult concepts while making some extra money.

Create Digital Art

Are you an artist? Prefer to keep your work digitally rather than physically? Graphic design is a great option for artists that need to earn some extra money. Play around with various programs like Adobe or Canva and start building your portfolio if you don’t already have one. As your art gets recognized, consider completing commissions for others or join a company that needs a graphic designer.

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