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Ways You Can Help Keep Your Favorite Local Establishments in Business

Many people love the services and products that small businesses provide over large, international companies. However, with Coronavirus forcing non-essential businesses to close, staying afloat is providing to be a daunting task for many business owners. Unfortunately, not every business will reopen after this health crisis ends. So, how can someone support a local small business while in lockdown? Here are a few ways you can help keep your favorite local establishments in business.

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Purchase Gift Cards Online

While most businesses have locked their doors, many establishments are still running their websites and social media accounts to keep their customers notified of any online deals or announcements. One way you can help keep your favorite business afloat is by purchasing gift cards online to gift to someone else or to use later when they reopen.

Get Takeout or Delivery and Tip Extra

If your favorite restaurants are offering takeout and/or delivery services, consider taking advantage of those offers. While not every restaurant will offer takeout or delivery, the ones that are continuing to feed your area are likely doing so to earn enough money to reopen their doors later. Not only would you be supporting that business, but you will enjoy some delicious food! Also, be sure to tip your service workers a bit extra as they are working very hard to get you the food you want and are likely working reduced hours.

Reschedule Appointments Instead of Canceling

Do you have an appointment with a local business? Instead of canceling, consider rescheduling. This doesn’t seem like it would help much, but that lets your business know that customers will be returning once the stay at home order is lifted. Any deposits that you may have given to reserve your appointment will also be very useful to the establishment to cover their own utilities and payroll. In addition, anyone that reschedules will likely get first dibs at picking a new date.

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