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Step by Step Guide on Cleaning the Inside of Your Vehicle

Taking care of your vehicle is essential to keeping it looking good. In addition, properly cleaning your car once in a while will also keep it smelling good as well as kill off bacteria. What are the best methods to clean a vehicle? How do I shampoo the seats and carpet in my car? How can I disinfect the cabin? Here, we will review a step by step guide on how you should clean the inside of your vehicle.

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  1. Remove Debris and Vacuum the Interior – Before you start scrubbing away, you should always do a cleaning before the deep cleaning. What does this mean? Take a look at the interior of your vehicle. Remove any garbage or debris, such as napkins, old receipts, and wrappers. Take out your car mats and shake them out outside of the vehicle. Once you got everything cleared, vacuum the seats and floor.
  2. Shampoo the Seats – Find a cleaner that is designed for cars. If you have leather seats, look for a leather conditioner. Follow the instructions on the solution’s bottle and spray the cleaner on the seats. Use a soft brush or cloth to scrub. Work in small areas and do not soak the seat. Remove excess moisture with a clean and dry cloth. Let any remaining moisture dry out. Make sure you leave the windows or doors open. You can even use a fan to make it dry quicker.
  3. Scrub the Carpet – Similarly to cleaning the seats, you’ll want to follow the cleaner’s instructions and scrub the carpet in small areas. Remove excess moisture with a dry cloth. Again, do not soak the carpet. Soaking either the seats or carpet can create mold later on.
  4. Clean the Car Mats – While you’re waiting for the carpet and seats to fully dry, work on cleaning your car mats. Use either an all-purpose cleaner or carpet shampoo to spray and scrub. Leave hanging to dry. Make sure both the mats and the carpet are completely dry before you put them back.

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Do you use a different method for cleaning the inside of your car? Let us know in the comments below! Be sure to check out more tips and tricks on the OkCarz blog.

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