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Cars stuck in a traffic jam on both sides of the road

How to drive safely in heavy traffic 

Though there are many people who like driving, there are only a few sadists who enjoy driving while in heavy traffic. Whether you’re going somewhere for the holidays or if you just happen to be on the highway during rush hour, you’ve likely experienced at least a slight traffic jam, if not a complete standstill. No matter where you’re trying to go, these tips will help you learn how to drive safely in heavy traffic.  

Don’t play with your phone 

This is a basic rule that people should be following the moment that they get behind the wheel, but the dependence many drivers have on their technology may make it difficult for some to drag themselves away from their apps, especially if the vehicle isn’t moving. Even at a complete stand-still, you shouldn’t be using your phone, since traffic conditions can change at any moment.  

Lines of cars stuck in a traffic jame

Don’t Tailgate 

When you’re driving on the highway and end up behind someone who isn’t keeping up with the flow of traffic, tailgating them is not a good option. For one, it is seen as very rude, and it will not do anything to get the slowpoke in front of you to start moving faster. When you tailgate someone, you’re putting yourself in a situation that could turn dangerous if the car in front stops suddenly.

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Resist Road Rage 

While it can feel great in the moment to blare on your horn or use inappropriate gestures to express displeasure at someone’s driving, it isn’t going to do anything to improve the situation. It is likely that the person you’re admonishing is already frazzled and uncomfortable, and your displays of aggression won’t make it better for either of you.  

Staying safe on the road 

Whether you’re a new driver, or you’ve been on the road for a long time, there are always situations where you won’t be sure what you need to do. You can find more tips and tricks for driving safety and other topics, like vehicle maintenance, when you visit the OkCarz blog.

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