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What can happen if you leave a child in a hot car? 

With temperature starting to rise, it is important for drivers to stay safe while they are behind the wheel. Even if you aren’t driving, your vehicle can be a dangerous place in the summer. When it gets hot out, being inside your vehicle can contribute to heatstroke, as the interior can quickly heat up to unsafe temperatures. This summer, protect yourself and others from heatstroke by following these helpful tips.  

Every summer, there are too many tragic stories about children or pet being left in a vehicle that isn’t running, leading to them succumbing to heatstroke. While it is generally not from malice, leaving a child or animal in a hot car for even fifteen minutes can have irreversible effects on their health. Even just running into a store to get something can be dangerous, depending on how hot it is. Additionally, children are more susceptible to heatstroke, with their bodies heating up five times faster than that of an adult.  

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Check your car before you leave 

Rear Seat reminder notification in a GMC vehicleWhile leaving someone in a parked car may just be a poor choice, there are some who unintentionally leave a child or a pet in their vehicle when they exit the vehicle. If you are concerned about the possibility of forgetting one of the most important things in your life in the backseat of your car, there are plenty of things that you can do to make sure that that doesn’t happen. For one, making it a habit to turn to the back and check before you exit the vehicle could be the thing that saves your child’s life. If that isn’t enough, getting in the habit of placing a bag or a briefcase that you need in the back seat will serve as a reminder that there is someone else in the vehicle with you, even if they’ve been quiet.  

In many newer vehicles, there are systems in place that can help remind you to check the back before you leave the car. Models like the GMC Acadia and the Chevrolet Malibu are equipped with the GM Rear Seat reminder, which provides a notification if the back doors of the vehicle were opened ten minutes before the vehicle is started or if the rear doors are opened while the vehicle is running. When you leave the vehicle at your destination, an alert will sound, and a notification will be displayed to remind you to check the back seat. Drivers who want to learn more about what they can do to prevent heatstroke or those who are looking for a model that is equipped with a rear seat reminder can stop by OkCarz for more information.  

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