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Signs of a Bad Power Steering Pump

Have you been noticing some weird things when you turn your steering wheel? Are you hearing strange noises? It’s possible that your car is trying to tell you to get your power steering pump checked out. Here’s how you can tell if your power steering pump is failing.

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Whining Noises When You Turn the Steering Wheel

Whenever you turn the steering wheel, listen for a whining noise. If you hear one, either your power steering fluid is low or there is something wrong with your power steering pump.

Slow or Stiff Steering Wheel

When the power steering pump starts to fail, you may notice that the steering wheel is slow to respond or is very stiff. This makes turning very hard to do and will certainly cause problems for you as you drive. If this happens, you should get a mechanic to inspect it immediately as you should never have to fight your car for it to turn properly.

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Squealing or Groaning Noises

In addition to whining when turning, listen for any squealing. Squealing when starting the engine could indicate a failing power steering pump. Groaning is the most severe noise to hear as the pump is likely going to damage itself and will continue to get worse and worse.

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If you suspect a failing power steering pump, it’s highly recommended that you get it checked out as soon as possible to avoid any larger repair bills and hassle later. Also, check out the OKCarz blog for more vehicle care tips.

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