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Which navigation apps are best to use on a road trip? 

Whether you’re going out on a road trip this summer, or if you’re just trying to make sure that you’re able to find your way around your city, having a reliable navigation app is the best way to do it. While there may be some who advocate for the use of a traditional map, using an app can be an easier and a more efficient way to find the best route to your destination.

Google and Apple Maps 

For most people, the only navigation system they use is the one that comes pre-loaded on their phone. Whether you have an Apple or Android product, Apple or Google Maps provide more than serviceable for drivers who aren’t looking to take up space on their device.  


The Waze app is one of the best options for drivers who are looking for real-time information from their navigation assistant. Using information for drivers using the app, Waze is able to provide you with information and updates on the current traffic conditions. 


When drivers first started looking for directions online, MapQuest was the place to go. Now that the days of reading from printed instructions are gone, drivers who are used to using MapQuest can take it on the go with the mobile app with Uber integration.  

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Infotainment system in the 2017 Toyota AvalonPre-owned vehicles with technology features 

When you’re looking for a vehicle that is able to help you find your way, there are some options that you can consider at OkCarz. There are a variety of models that are equipped with infotainment systems that allow you to connect your device and interact with your chosen navigation system on the screen. You can find a pre-owned vehicle that features an infotainment system for a reasonable price when you visit one of the five locations. Learn more about the buying and financing a pre-owned vehicle by taking a look at the OkCarz blog 

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