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What paperwork do you need to bring when buying a used car? 

While buying a car can seem difficult, it can actually be quite simple as long as you know what you need to have when you make your purchase. There are some things you should have taken care of before even showing up at the dealership, like deciding on a budget, how you’re going to pay for the vehicle, and what style of vehicle you want. Even if you’re buying a used vehicle, you’re going to spend a lot of time going over paperwork, so it’s important to know what you need to bring with you. 

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Paperwork to bring with you to the dealership 

Driver’s License 

While this may seem obvious, you’ll probably want to double, or even triple check your wallet before you leave for the dealership. Before you drive off of the dealership lot, they need to know that you are actually legally able to drive the vehicle home. If you’re paying by check or getting financing, it’s likely that you’ll need to provide identification, either with your driver’s license or another form of valid identification.

Proof of income and residence 

Speaking of financing, while it is possible to apply for pre-approval or to finance through a third party if you’re going to the dealership to secure financing, you’ll likely need to bring proof that you’ll be able to pay for the monthly installments. Proof of income can be a pay stub from your job or a bank statement. You’ll also need to show proof of residence by bringing a utility bill or a lease or mortgage agreement, so the dealership knows that you live at the address you say that you do and that bills will not be sent to the wrong address.  

Proof of insurance 

Before you drive off of the lot, you need to have insurance, not only for the dealership but for your own protection as well. Once you leave the dealership in your new vehicle, you are the owner of the car and are at fault for anything that happens. Before you go to the dealership, contact the insurance company of your choice to see how they advise you to proceed. You’ll also need to bring proof of insurance when you’re registering the vehicle, as most states require you to have insurance 

Sales man and couple shaking hands while the salesman hands them a key for a vehicle

Buying a used car at OkCarz 

In order to make buying your used vehicle as painless as possible, you’ll want to do your research. While these are some basic things to bring with you, you might need to bring other paperwork with you to the dealership. Before you go to buy your vehicle, contact the dealership to see if there is anything you need to bring with you before you’ll be allowed to drive away in your new ride. At a dealership like OkCarz, you can find a variety of used vehicles in the online inventory, making it easy to do your research and prepare for your purchase before you visit the lot.  

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