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How to make sure that you are safe in a parking lot

Many new vehicles have a variety of features that can help keep drivers safe on the road. However, once you leave your car, you’re putting yourself in danger. Whether you’re in a parking garage or a parking lot, there is the possibility that you could be in danger. Once you’ve parked your car, use these tips to help keep yourself safe.

When you’re walking in a parking lot, especially after dark, it is important to always be vigilant. In a crowded parking lot, you might be at risk from a number of assailants. You need to remain aware of what is happening around you, which includes vehicles coming up behind you, as you may not be visible. While most parking structures are well-lit, you need to always be aware of your surroundings. Even in an empty lot, you don’t want to let your guard down.

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How to identify suspicious behavior in a parking lot

Man in a balaclava breaking into a vehicle after darkIf you look like you aren’t paying attention, you could be considered an easy target for criminals. By staying alert, without using distractions like your phone or other devices, you will be able to keep an eye out for suspicious activity. Examples of suspicious activity can include groups of people loitering near a vehicle for an extended amount of time, a person looking into the interior of various vehicles, or a vehicle circling a parking lot without the intent of parking.

If you’re walking in a parking structure and feel unsafe, trusting your gut can keep you safe. One thing you can do to avoid dangerous situations is to contact security or the police. Otherwise, retreat to safety and wait to see if the situation changes, at which point you can either safely access your vehicle or contact the proper authorities.

When you’re looking to purchase a vehicle, there are some models, even older vehicles, which have systems that make it easier to stay safe, like Keyless entry, which is able to register the key fob so you don’t have to spend time digging through your pockets or bag to find it and unlock the door. Even if you’re buying a used vehicle, you’ll be able to find some models that are equipped with these features at OkCarz. Visit one of the five dealership locations to learn more about the features available on a pre-owned vehicle.

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