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Automatic vs Manual Transmission Pros and Cons

Many vehicles come with an automatic transmission. Others offer a manual. Sometimes, a model will even offer drivers a choice between the two. As you shop, you will encounter vehicles with each of these available transmission options. So, what are the differences between manual and automatic transmissions? Here, we will explore the pros and cons for each so you can decide which transmission is right for you.

Which Transmission is Better?

It’s hard to say whether automatic transmission is better than manual or vice versa. It all depends on what the driver prefers as each transmission offers a unique style. Here are a few notable differences you should know before settling on either option.

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Advantages of Manual Transmission

  • Puts the driver in full control
  • More engaging for the driver
  • More affordable
  • Cheaper to repair

Disadvantages of Manual Transmission

  • Big learning curve
  • Tiring in situations where you are changing vehicle speeds quickly, like stop and go traffic
  • Requires reactive and precise gear changes when on hills to avoid rollback
  • Most modern vehicles and high trims don’t offer manual transmissions

Advantages of Automatic Transmission

  • Easier to learn and drive with
  • Transitions are automatic, quick, and smooth
  • Has better fuel economy
  • Offered on most modern vehicles

Disadvantages of Automatic Transmission

  • Some car enthusiasts find automatic transmissions to be boring – this is subjective, of course
  • More expensive to repair and purchase

One of the best ways to truly understand which transmission is right for you is to give each of them a try. Here at OkCarz, we offer a large selection of vehicles with both manual and automatic transmissions. To get a feel for each one, contact us to schedule a test drive!

Close up of a manual gear shift knob

Close up of an automatic transmission gear knob

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