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Common Reasons Why a Car Would Be Leaking Oil

Eventually, every vehicle will leak some oil. While very minor leaks are often more of an inconvenience and don’t always require repair, bigger leaks indicate a bigger problem that you would need to address. What exactly can cause my car to leak oil, you may be wondering? Oftentimes, a car would leak oil due to a degraded engine gasket, damaged oil pan, or poor installation of parts.

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Degraded Gasket or Oil Pan

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An engine gasket is a type of seal that helps keep oil inside your vehicle while keeping debris out. Over time, the engine gasket inside of your vehicle will degrade, creating a leak that may start small and get bigger over time.

The oil pan inside of a vehicle is the reservoir for your car’s oil. As you drive, your car may kick up debris and hit your oil pan. In other cases, you may accidentally hit something or run over something that damages your oil pan. If your oil pan is damaged, there will likely be dents or cracks that allow the oil to escape.

Improper Installation

It’s important to remember that mechanics are people too and can make mistakes. Improper installation of parts that work with oil can also lead to oil leaks. For example, perhaps you got the wrong size oil filter the last time you had it replaced or it wasn’t installed correctly.

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If you suspect that your vehicle is leaking oil, place some cardboard underneath your vehicle to catch the oil. When you are able, take your car to your local shop to have an expert take a look. Be sure to monitor your oil levels as an oil leak will make your oil levels drop more quickly. If you found this information helpful, explore more ways to maintain your vehicle at the OKCarz blog.

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