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Bad Credit Auto Loans in Central Florida

Buying a used car shouldn’t have to be difficult. Unfortunately, it is hard for buyers with bad credit to find the loan they need to make a car purchase. So where can you get a used car loan in Central Florida? No matter your financial background, you can get the auto loan you need at OkCarz.

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Apply for Loan Approval

Applying for a loan at OkCarz is easy and hassle-free. To get started, fill out the necessary information on our online loan pre-approval form. This includes your name, contact information, and address. That’s it! We won’t ask for your Social Security number and applying won’t affect your credit score. In addition, this application won’t cost you even a penny!

After submitting the form, you will see the maximum amount of money you can qualify for in a loan from us. You can even see how your credit compares to other car buyers across the nation!

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Get Your Trade-In Value at OkCarz

Looking to lower your car payment? Don’t want to drive your current vehicle anymore? Find out how much your car is worth through a simple online form! Once the information is submitted, we will reach out to you within 48 hours with our estimate of your car’s value. Did you like the number we gave? We will honor our estimate and buy it off you if you choose to sell it!

Of course, if you prefer to talk with us directly when applying for a loan, feel free to visit one of our locations in the Central Florida area. For more tips on financing for a vehicle, check out the OkCarz blog.

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