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Two young people driving in a hot pink vintage convertible on a sunny day

Reasons to purchase a convertible this summer 

If you’re planning on doing a lot of driving this summer, you’re probably thinking about finding a great summer-time vehicle. While there are plenty of options, the style of vehicle that is almost synonymous with summer is the convertible. When you put the top down and hit the open road, you’re sure to pull jealous eyes to you. While having a vehicle that presents a care-free existence can be invigorating, before you make the decision to buy a convertible you should explore some of the reasons why a convertible is a great vehicle to have.  

One benefit of driving a convertible is that when you put the top down, you’ll have a better view of the surroundings without all of the structures that are in a conventional vehicle. While this can decrease the blind spots in your vehicle, you are sacrificing some of the structural integrity that comes from the roof. However, stricter safety regulations make it just as safe to ride in a convertible as riding in a conventional car. The optional lack of roof also gives taller passengers an opportunity to unfold a little, since there isn’t a limit on how much headroom they have when the top is down.  

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Two people driving on an open highway in a convertible with the woman raising her armsWhat type of convertible should you buy? 

While most drivers think of convertibles as being classic cruisers, those who are looking for a vehicle that is an off-road brawler in addition to a fun car to drive with the top down are able to consider buying a used Jeep Wrangler. When you take the soft top off of your Jeep, there’s no question that all eyes will be on you thanks to the iconic body. Of course, there are also more conventional convertible sedans and hatchbacks that are available.  

Buying a convertible can be incredibly expensive. Since they are premium vehicles, if you buy a new model you can expect an extra $5,000 to $9,000 on the price tag. If you’re looking for a reasonably priced convertible that fits all of your needs, take a moment to peruse the extensive convertible selection on the OkCarz website. When you find one you want, visit OkCarz to learn more about your financing options 

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