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Which compact cars have the most interior space? 

Drivers who are looking for a new vehicle will likely be overwhelmed by the number of crossovers and SUVs that are currently found on the road. While a crossover can be an excellent vehicle option for those who are looking for a large, high-performance model, those who don’t want the bulkiness of an SUV might feel like there are no real options for a vehicle that doesn’t take up a ton of room while still providing plenty of space for passengers. Drivers who are on the lookout for the perfect car should take a look at some of these spacious compact models.  

Most people think of a compact car as being closer in size to that of a toy car than any other traditional vehicle models. However, there are plenty of compact vehicles that are able to provide drivers with interior dimensions similar to that of a midsized vehicle.

Volkswagen Golf Sportwagen 

  • Passenger Volume: 94 cu.ft. 
  • Cargo Volume: 30.4 cu.ft./66.5 cu.ft. 

Kia Soul 

  • Passenger Volume: 101 cu.ft. 
  • Cargo Volume: 19.3 cu.f.t/53.4 cu.ft. 

Chevrolet Spark 

  • Passenger Volume: 83 cu.ft. 
  • Cargo Volume: 11.1 cu.ft./27.2 cu.ft. 

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Honda Civic sedan 

  • Passenger Volume: 98 cu.ft. 
  • Cargo Volume: 15.1 cu.ft. 

2017 Nissan Sentra driving on a highway near a hill

Nissan Sentra 

  • Passenger Volume: 96 cu.ft. 
  • Cargo Volume: 15.1 cu.ft.

What should you look for in a compact vehicle? 

The interior dimensions of these vehicles vary based on the overall size and style of the model, but all of them provide enough space to comfortably seat passengers and hold any cargo. Some of the models, like the Chevrolet Spark and the Kia Soul, are of the hatchback variety, which allows drivers to expand the cargo area by folding down the second row of seats. There are other vehicles, like the Honda Civic, that only provide the space in the trunk, which in the case of the sedans on this list, is still quite a lot of room. Drivers who are looking for a used compact vehicle can look no further than OkCarz, where there is an expansive inventory and plenty of opportunity for vehicle financing 

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