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Close up of the brake disc on a car lifted into the air

Warning Signs of Bad Brakes

You probably already know that the brakes in your vehicle need to be periodically replaced. However, not every driver knows when they need to replace the brakes in their car. These are some common warning signs you should watch for if you are suspecting bad brakes.

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Screeching or Squealing When Braking

When you apply the brakes, do you hear any weird noises? Does it sound like something is squealing, screeching, or scraping? If so, then chances are that your brake pads are nearly or completely gone. When this happens, metal rubs on metal since there is no pad left. If you continue to go without getting new brakes, then eventually you will be looking at a large repair bill to replace any warped rotors and damaged metal.

Vibrating Steering Wheel or Brake Pedal

Another major sign of bad brakes is abnormal vibrating in the steering wheel or the brake pedal. Your brake rotors could be warped and/or your brake pads are worn.

Longer Stopping Time

Mechanic replacing the brakes of a car lifted into the air

As the purpose of your brakes is to slow you down and bring you to a complete stop, your brakes will no longer be doing its job when they are worn and need replacing. You may find yourself needing more time to slow down. Eventually, your car may not stop at all the longer you wait.

No matter the symptoms you are noticing with your car, you should always take your vehicle in to get your brakes immediately. If you aren’t sure if your brakes are going bad, ask for a brake inspection and a mechanic will inspect your brakes for you.

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Looking for more safety and vehicle maintenance tips? Visit the OkCarz blog for a variety of posts detailing information that every driver should know. If you are looking to purchase a used car in Florida, contact us and we will be happy to help.

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