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Benefits of driving a car with a manual transmission 

As everyone knows, driving a car is not all fun and games. When you’re behind the wheel of a machine, you want to make sure you’re alert and ready to take evasive action. There are some schools of thought that say that driving a vehicle with a manual transmission makes it easier for drivers to pay attention since they live with the constant possibility of having their vehicle stalled on the street.  

In many cases, you’d be hard-pressed to find a vehicle that uses a manual transmission. Most drivers are looking for the security of an automatic, which does all the excess work for you. There are some who crave the physical action of putting the car in gear and letting out the clutch. Besides the reasons rooted in tradition, you might be asking yourself if there are any benefits to driving a vehicle with a manual transmission.  

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Reasons to learn how to use a manual transmission  

2018 Kia Soul driving in a blue tunnel with white lights

While it can be hard to find new models with manual transmission, vehicles like the Kia Soul may have a manual transmission come standard

If you have a young driver, or if you’ve just started driving, there is some validity to the fact that driving a manual will help keep a new driver off of their phone or other devices, since they’ll need all of their concentration to keep the vehicle going. A young driver in a vehicle with a manual transmission is also going to learn how to control the vehicle better since they know how much power the car needs. While learning how to drive stick can be difficult, it can pay off, as most people won’t be able to borrow your car.  

When it comes to the financial benefits of driving a vehicle with a manual transmission, there are a couple. Most of the time, if a modern car has a shift stick, it is on the base trim level, which is generally the least expensive. If you’re buying a vehicle like a used Kia Soul, which has a standard manual transmission, you’ll likely get an even better price than you would with a model with an automatic transmission. In some cases, manual transmissions get better gas mileage, though that varies based on different factors.   

Whether you decide to drive a vehicle with a manual transmission or not, you can find different used options at OkCarz.

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