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Why You Should Not Drive Too Slowly

You always hear about accidents being caused by drivers that drive too fast and can’t react in time. Those that tend to speed are often told to slow down for the safety of themselves and others. However, is driving under the speed limit dangerous as well? While much less common, driving at a speed much lower than the posted limit can be just as dangerous. Here are a few reasons why you should not drive too slowly.

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Short Reaction Time for Other Drivers to Brake

The primary reason why you should never drive below the speed limit is due to that you can cause a chain reaction of accidents. Drivers that are driving at the speed limit may not have enough time to brake and will rear-end you. Anyone behind them may rear-end that vehicle, turning the situation into a domino-effect. This is especially true when going around corners or over hills.

Obstruction of Traffic and Road Rage

If drivers behind you have noticed you and were able to slow down, it’s important that you either speed up to speed limit or move over and let them pass. By driving too slowly, you will start obstructing the flow of traffic. Also, other drivers may start losing patience, and the possibility of a road rage incident occurring spikes.

Drivers that Tend to Drive Slower

Which people are most likely for driving significantly under the speed limit? Here’s a list of drivers that tend to drive slowly and what you can do to avoid this drop of speed.

  • Distracted drivers – put down the phone while behind the wheel. Always pull over if the text or phone call is important.
  • Seniors – Talk with family about giving up your license and getting rides. They can help you with setting up taxi services or enlisting some trusted neighbors or other family members if they aren’t able.
  • New drivers – continue practicing so you get comfortable with your vehicle and various situations. Focus on what you are doing and don’t feel intimidated by other drivers.
  • Non-local visitors – if you are new to the area and wish to sightsee and take pictures, leave the driving to a local tour guide. That driver will be familiar with the area and you won’t have to worry about what is happening on the road.

If you are ever worried about driving the speed limit or are unable to due to car problems, pull over, turn on your hazards, and call for help.

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