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Step by Step Guide on Replacing the Battery Inside a Key Fob

We’ve all been there. You click the button on your key fob to lock or unlock your doors and nothing happens. Over time, the little battery inside your key fob will give out, requiring you to replace it if you wish to continue using your key fob. Now, if you have never changed the battery in your key fob, you might not know how to start. How do I open the key fob? What kind of battery do I need? If you find yourself stuck, check out our step by step guide on how to change a key fob battery.

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  1. If needed, remove the key from the fob. Not every key fob will have an emergency key attached. If it does, you can remove a sliding key by pressing and holding the small button near the top of the fob and pulling it out. If you have a springing key, you can move the key out of the way by pressing the spring button.
  2. Look for a small slot on your key fob. This will be on one of the sides of your key fob. If you can’t find it, look for a screw, as you may need to unscrew the back of the key fob first.
  3. With a flat-head screwdriver or small coin, insert the metal into the slot and open the fob. You can do this by twisting the coin/screwdriver. If twisting doesn’t work, use the flat-head screwdriver to pry the fob open by lifting the screwdriver while the end is in the slot.
  4. Determine the battery size and replace it. By now, you should have the cover off your key fob, revealing the battery. Remove the battery with either your fingers or your screwdriver. Take a look at the battery to see exactly what kind you need and buy a new one. If you can’t tell which you need, your owner’s manual should say the exact type.
  5. Replace the battery. The new battery should be put in the same way you found the old one. Usually, the positive side will face up.
  6. Snap the cover back on. You can do this by simply putting it together then pressing it until you hear it snap back. If you had to remove a screw or key earlier, make sure to replace them.
  7. Test the key fob. If done correctly, your key fob will be responding like normal. If it doesn’t work, it’s possible you may have put the battery in upside-down. If that still doesn’t fix the problem, the fob itself might be broken. You can buy a new fob from a dealer (if you drive a Toyota, you will need to speak with a Toyota dealer). Another option is you can buy the fob online and program it yourself when it arrives.

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