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How to tell if a used vehicle is low mileage 

There are plenty of people who will never own a brand-new car. Many people turn to used vehicles over a new one for a variety of reasons. Of course, a big concern is that buying a new car is very expensive, and as soon as you take it off the lot, the value begins to take a nosedive. One advantage that new cars have over used is that you don’t have to worry about the wear-and-tear that someone else put on your vehicle.  

When you’re considering buying a used car, you have to think about a lot of additional factors. One of them is looking for a model with low mileage. On a new vehicle, the mileage is almost always low since the vehicle hasn’t really been driven by anyone else. The mileage on a used vehicle can be all over the place. When you look at a used vehicle, the mileage should add up to having put on about 10,000 miles every year. Many drivers think of 200,000 as the magic number, and any vehicle with mileage over that is generally considered to have high mileage.  

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blonde woman sitting in a car looking at the dashboard with a sales man pointingHow to decide what used vehicle to buy 

Another thing to consider when you’re buying a used vehicle is what you want from your vehicle. An older car, no matter how many miles are on it, might be expensive to repair if something goes wrong, and with a vehicle that is creeping up there in age, it is likely that something will go wrong at some point. An older vehicle also won’t have the same features that a newer car does. If you can’t bear to be separated from your phone, a newer model is more likely to have Bluetooth® connectivity that lets you use your phone hands-free. 

If you don’t have any preference for features on your vehicle, take age, mileage, and price into account when you’re shopping. Of course, an older vehicle is going to cost less when you buy it, but that could turn into costly repairs down the line. When you buy from OkCarz, all of the vehicles on the lot have been inspected, and come with a six-month/6,000-mile limited power-train warranty.

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