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Front passenger angle of a grey 2020 Chevrolet Malibu driving in a city

Used Chevy Malibu Safety Features

When you shop for a used vehicle, prioritize the safety features that are offered. Many pre-owned Chevrolet Malibu models offer innovative safety technology features that can both reduce the chance for a collision and minimize injury after an accident, making this sedan a great option for those concerned about their safety on the road.

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Safety Technology that Prevents Accidents

Having various safety technologies that prevent accidents is essential to a safe vehicle. The goal of these types of features is to keep you from getting into an accident so you won’t have to worry about getting hurt on the road.

To reinforce this goal, the used Chevy Malibu offers plenty of preventive and driver-assistive safety features. Features that you may find in a used Malibu include Forward Collision Alert, Adaptive Cruise Control, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Lane Change Alert and Side Zone Alert, and more.

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Safety Features that Protect in the Event of a Crash

Perhaps the preventive features just weren’t enough, or another driver is the cause of the crash. You need safety features that act as a backup plan if you do get into an accident. For example, Front Pedestrian Braking will automatically apply the brakes to reduce injury to the person or avoid the accident altogether. Another example is Automatic Emergency Braking. If you are going to crash into the vehicle in front of you, this system will automatically apply the brakes. Other standard features you can find in the Chevy Malibu include an advanced airbag system, LATCH, and the Tire Pressure Monitoring System.

Of course, safety features in the Chevy Malibu will vary by the year and trim. If you are interested in one of our many used Malibu models, ask our team about the safety features included. Not sure if the Chevy Malibu is right for you? Schedule a test drive with us here at OkCarz so you can experience everything that the Malibu offers.

Rear driver angle of a blue 2020 Chevrolet Malibu driving by the ocean

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