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Symptoms of a Bad Air Filter In Your Car 

Just like with your own body, your car can develop symptoms that may suggest something is wrong with it. Depending on what those symptoms are and where they are located can help you determine what exactly is wrong with your vehicle. So, when it comes to the cabin air filter in your vehicle, what sorts of symptoms should you be watching out for? Well, keep reading, as we’ll dive into some of the most common symptoms you can expect. 

Of course, nothing replaces getting your vehicle looked at by professionals. So if you have any concerns, be sure to have your car looked at by an automotive technician. 

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Signs of a Bad Cabin Air Filter 

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Sometimes you can tell if your air filter is dirty just by looking at it. If you know how to remove the filter from your vehicle to take a look, and you know it’s been a while since you’ve done so, maybe consider checking it out. 

If not, you can still determine dirty air filter problems from a few different signs. For example, if you notice that your gas mileage or engine power has been decreasing, it could be for a number of reasons, including a dirty air filter. In addition, if you have trouble starting up your car, it could also be from the air filter, believe it or not. 

Some more severe signs could also present themselves, such as particularly dark exhaust smoke. In other cases, something as general as a check engine light could also mean you’re having some issues with your cabin air filter. 

If you suspect there are any issues with your vehicle’s air filter, be sure to get it looked at as soon as you are able. For more automotive tip, check back to the OKCARZ blog

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