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Tips for Driving a Christmas Tree Home

With December here, now is the time to get into the Christmas spirit with a Christmas tree. If you are the type that likes real trees, then you will need a way to safely get that tree from the farm to your house. Here are some tips to safely transport a Christmas tree with your car.

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Tips for Transporting a Tree Inside a Vehicle

Putting the tree inside is safest and easiest. If you have an SUV, put the seats down to make room. If you own a truck, secure the tree inside your truck bed.

Before loading your tree inside, lay blankets or sheets to keep the needles from scratching your interior. If you are hauling the tree in a truck bed, lay a blanket underneath as well. While truck beds are sturdy to withstand plenty of weight, there are hot areas like the exhaust pipe that can damage the needles.

Tips for Transporting a Tree on the Roof of a Car

Close up of a tree tied to the roof of an SUV

If your tree is too big to load inside your vehicle, the other option you have is to load it on the roof of your car. Since the tree can become loose, this option is doable but must be handled more cautiously. If you decide to take this approach, make sure you have a vehicle with roof rails and come prepared with plenty of rope or cord. If you don’t have roof rails, consider other options as putting the tree on top will be too dangerous.

Before you leave the lot with your tree, you should get your tree netted so you can handle it easier. Place a tarp or blankets under the tree to prevent scratches on the paint of your car. Place the tree on the top with the trunk facing forward. Secure it tightly with plenty of rope around the top, middle, and bottom of the tree. Tie it snugly to the roof rails on top of your vehicle. Give the tree a good tug to make sure it is secure before leaving. Lastly, drive slowly and avoid highways as the extra weight will make emergency maneuvers trickier.

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