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New vs Used Car Depreciation

There are multiple things to consider when deciding which vehicle to purchase. One of the biggest concerns many car shoppers have is car depreciation. Why do cars quickly lose value? How fast will a new vehicle depreciate versus a used one? Here’s what you should know when it comes to vehicle depreciation.

How New Vehicles Depreciate

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Like equipment, vehicles experience wear and tear over the years. Even if you take great care of your vehicle, depreciation will still occur simply because of age and the fact that it now has an owner, which considers the vehicle “used”.

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Unfortunately for new car buyers, vehicles depreciate the quickest when they are bought new. In fact, the vehicle depreciates the very moment that new car leaves the lot. After just one year of that vehicle being owned, it is worth roughly 20% less than the value it was purchased at. Then, it’s estimated that the vehicle will depreciate about 10% every year after for four years. Yikes.

How Used Vehicles Depreciate

Thankfully, that process slows down the older a vehicle gets. While a car will continue to slowly depreciate up until the value of the metal itself, buyers will receive more value by buying a used model than a new one.

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