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Front driver angle of a blue 2021 Chrysler Pacifica driving on a road with snowy mountains in the background

SUV vs Minivan Comparison

While you may have decided that you need a family vehicle, you are now left with an important question: should I buy an SUV or minivan at OKCarz? Both options are fantastic choices for families of all sizes, but each body style presents different benefits. With our SUV vs minivan comparison, we hope to help you decide which type best fits your household.

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Performance and Off-Road Capabilities

Overall, SUVs are known for offering better performance and towing capabilities than minivans. While minivans are great for hauling and towing, SUVs often offer powerful V8 engine options while minivans typically provide V6 engines.

If you plan on driving off-road, you are much better off with an SUV. SUVs are higher off the ground and many models offer 4-wheel drive. Minivans are low to the ground and typically offer front-wheel drive, although recent minivan models like the Chrysler Pacifica are now incorporating available all-wheel drive.

Cargo and Passenger Volume and Accessibility

Front passenger angle of a blue 2021 Chevrolet Suburban towing a trailer

Both minivans and SUVs are incredibly spacious for both passengers and cargo. However, if you are looking for as much cargo capacity as possible, you will want to purchase a minivan. Due to being lower to the ground and many models offering seats that fold into the floor, drivers can more easily load and unload large and heavy items.

Which body type is more accessible, you may wonder? Minivans are known for being much easier to enter and exit. Again, this is due to being low to the ground, which means that older passengers won’t have to worry about having to climb as much into the vehicle. Minivans also come with sliding rear doors, making it easy to enter and leave when parked close to another vehicle and offering more space for passengers to make way to the third row.

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Price, Appearance, Comfort, and Safety

Other things you should consider in a minivan or SUV include the price, appearance, comfort, and safety. If your family is on a budget, you will find that minivans are more affordable. In fact, some fully-equipped minivans are more affordable or equal to in price when compared to base full-size SUVs!

Looking for something stylish? SUVs provide the more athletic and sporty visual appeal. Regarding comfort, both SUVs and minivans provide about the same, so it’s more of a matter of selecting the right model and trim. Both SUVs and minivans also offer roughly the same safety features. However, minivans are known to be a bit safer as they are less likely to roll over due to being close to the ground.

Interested to own an SUV or minivan? Still unsure of which body type to choose? Contact us at OKCarz and we will help you find the right vehicle for the right price.

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